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Newsletter April 2021

Newsletter Happy Easter everyone, we have tried to fertilize just enough for the weeds to get big enough to hide Easter Eggs in!  We are hoping that some are so well hidden that there will be some candy left for us. The first application is complete and we have started Spring Aeration, Topdressing and Nematodes. The second application will start in a few weeks but we continue to offer additional weed control upon request. Most of the freeze damage has grown out now, any stubborn areas you have left are a good indication of areas that [...]

Newsletter April 20212021-04-16T20:25:44+06:00

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Water Your Lawn This Spring

Every year I tell y'all (get British me using a Texan-ism ) to water as little as possible, often telling you with what appears to be little regard for the burning temperatures outside to keep your sprinklers off and you can only muse that clearly I really am a CRAZY grass lady. You watch your neighbors watering once, twice, four times a week and find yourself glancing sideways at the sprinkler controls as you speed-walk from air-conditioned car to air-conditioned house (which still isn't quick enough to avoid breaking into a sticky sweat in all [...]

5 Reasons Why You Shouldn’t Water Your Lawn This Spring2021-04-02T22:58:15+06:00

Newsletter February 2021

Newsletter.   We have officially decided to start 2021 in February this year and left January in 2020 where it belongs! Spring application will start in 2 weeks and continue into March, weed control is included, pre-emergent is available on request. Winter weeds: we are getting a few call outs for weed control, the majority of weeds around at this time of year will die off as temperatures rise. Mow and bag clippings regularly and keep sprinklers off to try and control them. It is not unusual this time of year to see the ghost [...]

Newsletter February 20212021-04-16T23:23:19+06:00

Newsletter December 2020

Newsletter.     Ding - Dong Sod Webworm is dead! (for now) We want to thank everyone for their patience and understanding while we have been chasing our tails for the last two months. We are finally ready to start the Winterization, weed control is included and pre-emergent is available on request. After the rain of the last few days we are seeing a lot of new Brown Patch, although unsightly this is not permanent damage, keep the sprinklers off, apply some compost to the damaged areas if you can and we will apply fungicide [...]

Newsletter December 20202021-04-17T00:07:45+06:00

Newsletter August 2020

Newsletter.    Please be advised we are currently experiencing a very high level of call-outs due to the Sod Webworm outbreak and current response times are 2-4 days, response to this email may make further impact on these times, we appreciate your patience during this busy time  I really wanted to say something funny here but after ten minutes of staring at the screen blankly while my kids screamed at each other behind me about who cuddles which dog I gave in and this is what you got. In case you are interested Auggy got [...]

Newsletter August 20202021-04-21T17:40:55+06:00

Newsletter June 2021

Newsletter.       June is here already and the joys of Summer are approaching fast........ days at the beach, snow cones, heatstroke & Doveweed! We are continuing to see seasonal shifts with grass, below is a shortlist of things you need to know for June Although the weather has stabilized we continue to see new cases of Take All Root Rot weekly - unexplained discoloration and patchiness can be symptoms. See here for more information. We are now seeing the full range of Summer weeds, June is the last month we can treat them aggressively so [...]

Newsletter June 20212021-04-26T17:07:23+06:00
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