Got questions? Here are some answers to the ones we are asked most often:

What Service Area Do You Cover?2019-08-14T18:21:31+06:00

We don’t have firm boundaries to our service area, but we cover about as far east as I45 North, as far west as West Road and in between FM 1960 / Highway 6 to Grand Parkway. If you’re still not sure, or live close to those boundaries, give us a call.

Is There Any Charge For Estimates?2019-08-14T18:21:54+06:00

No. As long as you are within our normal service area you will never be charged for an estimate. We also offer free consults if you are simply in need of advice or a second opinion and will not pressure you with sales talk. Current customers can also get free estimates on any of our additional services.

What’s Included In Your Basic Lawn Fertilization Programs?2019-08-14T18:22:38+06:00

Fertilization programs include the following:

Regular visits for fertilization or treatment: either five or ten visits a year with a minimum of five fertilizer applications (If you are unsure what schedule you are on, or should be on, please ask.) Treatments for weeds, fungus and insects if we find damage at the time of our visit at no additional cost. *
Free Call Outs between scheduled visits for treatment of anything causing new damage to the lawn. (please note if you have recurring damage being caused by poor lawn crew maintenance, under or over watering or other preventable factors that we have previously advised you on, then additional call outs may incur a fee.)

* Chemical weed control is included, if organic or hand pulling is required an additional charge may occur.

Please note weed treatments can take 2-3 weeks to take effect, so we ask that you wait at least 14 days before contacting us for further weed treatment.

What Isn’t Included In Your Basic Lawn Fertilization Program?2019-08-14T18:23:04+06:00

What would be considered an “extra” and may incur an additional charge is:

  • Preventatives: treatments for problems that may occur in the future but are not causing damage at the time of our visit.
  • Follow Up Treatments: another treatment for the same problem within a four week period (waived if new damage is present or initial treatment was ineffective.)
  • Additional Services: designed to improve and recover the lawn rather than fertilize or treat for a specific issue. Our most popular extras are soil conditioning soil testing, aeration, topdressing, topsoil or laying new sod.
  • Additional Treatments for avoidable factors we have advised you on, but no change has been made ie. lawn crew damage, over-watering, pet damage.

All of our plans can be customized by adding any of the above extras, please visit Our Services page to see a full list.

Preventatives or Follow-ups will normally be discounted if applied at the same time as a regularly scheduled treatment.

How Long Are Your Contracts?2019-08-14T18:23:34+06:00

As we don’t have formal contracts or written agreements there is no specific length of service unless requested by you. We operate under an ongoing agreement, meaning we will continue to treat your yard on a five or ten visit schedule as agreed unless you tell us otherwise. You can skip treatments, but we don’t recommend it and unfortunately cannot offer free call outs if you do.

Will You Transfer Service To A New House?2019-08-14T18:23:56+06:00

As long as your residence is in our service area we will be more than happy to treat your new lawn. Please be aware the cost may differ depending on the size of your new yard, but we can visit ahead of time to provide a free estimate and new treatment recommendations.

How Will I Know When A Treatment Is Due?2019-08-14T18:24:18+06:00

Depending on the weather conditions and where you live our plans follow a loose schedule of:

  • Basic: five visits a year begin mid-February – early March and repeat every other month in the growing season until the winterization in late October – early November.
  • Monthly: Ten visit-a-year plan has one visit per month throughout the growing season (February – November).

A more specific schedule can be delivered upon request and you can also elect to be a “call ahead” customer, in which case we will email, call or text you the day before your service to let you know we’re coming.

How Will I Know When You’ve Treated?2019-08-14T18:24:37+06:00

Our technician will leave a door hanger or card at every visit (please let us know if you have a preference for where this should be left.) That hanger will provide the date and time we were there, details of what we did and may have notes or recommendations about your lawn. We normally then follow up with an emailed invoice within a couple of days.

How Long Do Your Products Take To Work?2019-08-14T18:24:55+06:00

It depends on the product. Generally you can expect our fertilizers and herbicides to take about 2-3 weeks for full effect, though it is often faster during the hottest summer months. Insecticides and Fungicides should begin to work within a day or two after application.

Organic products can take longer and may initially have a lesser impact than their chemical counterparts, but often deliver a long-term benefit that chemicals don’t.

What Forms Of Payment Do You Accept?2019-08-14T18:25:14+06:00

We accept cash, check, money order, bank transfer, paypal or credit card payments (Visa, Mastercard, Amex, Discover). We will email an invoice after service with the mailing address for checks, it will also have a link to make payment via credit card or bank transfer online. You can pay by cash or check in person if you are home at the time of our visit, though please be aware our technicians do not carry change, nor can they accept amounts over $100.

What Do I Do If I Have A Lawn Problem Between Regular Visits?2019-08-14T18:25:31+06:00

Call Us! If you have any concerns about your lawn in between regular visits please let us know – free call outs come with all plans and there is no charge to you regardless of whether we treat for damage. We actively encourage our customers to be as proactive as possible about calling us with problems so we can deliver the best results.

When / How Often Should I Water?2019-08-14T18:25:56+06:00

Template watering advice can be found on our website here. We assess the condition of the lawn at every visit and will notify you of any changes we think may be necessary. We may also send email notices if sudden changes in weather or conditions affect our normal recommendations… or grass-eating caterpillars suddenly invade the area.

Chemical or Organic – Which Is Better?2019-08-14T18:26:13+06:00

Nothing quite beats the immediate greening and accelerated growth of a lawn just chemically treated, but if you want to grow a healthy, resilient lawn that improves over time to become more fungus, insect, drought and flood resistant, then we definitely recommend a Hybrid Organic Program as the way forward.

What Can We Do To Prevent and Treat Sod Webworm or Armyworm?2019-08-14T18:26:38+06:00

A relatively new topic, but something that has affected almost all of us in recent years. Nematodes are our new best preventative or Monterey BT if we start to see confirmed cases. There are chemical products which can be used in extreme cases, but they also kill off beneficial insects so we try to avoid this route.

The most effective preventative is to have a healthy, (hybrid) organically treated lawn. These lawns seem the most capable of finding their own balance with a range of lawn pests.

What Can We Do To Prevent Brown Patch?2019-08-14T18:27:03+06:00

Brown Patch has become an increasingly difficult problem the last few years due to the rain. It is never too early to start preparing your lawn for next fall and we have some great options to help prevent and treat for Brown Patch, Gray Leaf Spot and even Take All Patch.

Avoiding or reducing the impact of fungus is as much about preparation as it is prevention and it is never too early to start. Organic fertilizers, aeration, top dressing and humates are all great treatments. There are chemical alternatives we recommend that are less work and wallet intensive, but the timing and repetition of applications is much more important with and focus more on hiding the symptom rather than curing the disease. Please ask for more information if you know your lawn suffers regular damage.

How Are Your Products Applied?2019-08-14T18:27:22+06:00

We use granular fertilizers and treatments as often as possible, which do need watering in (preferably within 24 hours.)

If we have to use a liquid alternative we will make a note on your Service Notification along with any watering instructions that may apply.

Do You Treat Shrubs?2019-08-14T18:27:44+06:00

Sadly we do not offer shrub, flower or tree treatments at this time. Many of our lawn products are also beneficial for your landscape and can be applied in your beds for a reasonable fee if you are looking for general landscape fertilization, but we do not diagnose or treat shrub problems.

If you are having trouble we highly recommend consulting the folks at Plants For All Seasons Nursery on 249 and Louetta, who have extensive knowledge and experience in all areas of Houston Gardening.

Do You Offer Any Special Offers Or Discounts?2019-08-14T18:29:01+06:00

We have a couple of different ways to save some money:

  • A 5% discount is available if you pay for an entire year of service in advance.
  • Our Customer Referral Program offers the current and new customer both 50% off a normal service treatment at the time of first service. Just make sure the person you have referred mentions your name.
  • We offer Armed Forces and Veterans 5% off all services.
If you still have a question then please call 281-940-9912 or email flahertylawns@gmail.com

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