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At Flaherty & Sons we strive to provide the newest and best services with a smile, a handshake and long-standing, quality American customer service. Family owned and operated since 1980 we bring you over 100 years combined Houston horticultural expertise to deliver the best possible results.

General Services

Your technician will be educated, knowledgeable and personally invested in helping you make the most informed decision for the health of your lawn. We believe so strongly in our service that we have no small print, no contracts and no pressure.

Lawn Fertilization

Chemical, Hybrid Organic or Organic fertilization performed at least five times a year.

Weed Treatment

This can include pre-emergent, post-emergent and spot treating, we are able to treat weeds year round.


Treatments for ants, chinch bugs, webworm, armyworm, grubworn, fleas, ticks and a host of other pests. Preventive treatments are also available.


Effective treatment of Brown Patch, Gray Leaf Spot and Take All Root Rot in addition to less common lawn fungi. Preventive treatments are also available.

Soil Correction

We have multiple products and services to correct deficiencies in the soil.

Soil Testing

We can perform basic pH or moisture tests in person or for more detailed breakdown take and send samples to Agrilife.


Core aeration helps to decompact the soil to allow nutrients, oxygen and water to be absorbed at the root system level.


Adding organic compost to the lawn is the most effective and beneficial treatment I can do for any lawn – we offer spot applications or entire lawns.

Top Soil

Adding topsoil or sand can help resolve leveling issues, soil deficiencies, fungus and drainage to resolve underlying challenges for your lawn.

Install New Sod

Expert sod installation including weed treatmentm, scraping, compost and leveling new sod to current lawn height.

Over Seeding

Whether overseeding for winter, looking for a quick way to fill in bare spots, or to thicken up a bermuda or zoysia lawn, we can make recommendations and apply different seeds that can tolerate the climate and conditions.


An effective organic treatment against sod webworm, armyworm, fleas, ticks and other lawn pests that do not effect earthworms.

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We will visit and assess your lawn, answer any questions you may have and advise the best solutions for your yard.

Lawn Treatment Programs

We recognize that every yard is different so offer a choice of programs to best fit the individual needs of you and your lawn.

Still not sure we have what you need?

Call us on 281-940-9912 or email us directly at flahertylawns@gmail.com and we will customize a program for you.

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