I never thought I would say this but I am feeling unbelievably blessed to be experiencing the Texas Summer weather whilst it feels like the rest of the country is battling, wildfires, droughts, hurricanes and flooding.
It is really putting my anxiety-inducing Doveweed pulling into perspective.
Our hearts go out to everyone affected by the extreme weather and I promise to stop panicking about Brown Patch and Chinch Bugs…… for at least a whole month.

Please note in reference to our recent email our phone number 281 940 9912 is now working again.

Our main lawn concerns this month continue to be Summer weeds and impending Brown Patch season, see below for a comprehensive list of what we want you to look out for in September.
Sod worm update: We continue to see very little damage from sod worms, I specifically have seen a few cases of Army Worm in particular but no damage severe enough to have been treated, as always we continue to recommend you monitor and let us know of any concerns.
We are entering Brown Patch season, it’s even more important now to only water when necessary and transition sprinkler times to run in the morning after sunrise, consider adding a preventative fungicide with the current application, see below for what to look out for.
Aggressive weeds and lawn crew damage continue to be our biggest cause for concern, this will only become a bigger problem as your grass continues to deal with the stresses of high temperatures punctuated by torrential downpours. Now is the time to sharpen mower blades, convince your lawn tech to give up that nasty weed eater habit they have and convince young children that pulling weeds is even cooler than Tik-Tok
We are now taking bookings for Winter topdressing and if you think you may want extra services in Spring we suggest you schedule now, as always there is no obligation if you need to cancel at any point.
Take this opportunity to read the mowing recommendations here and repeat this mantra 3 times daily : “turn sprinklers off and only run if grass looks dry for 24 hours or longer”


Evil Weed Eater!


Some lawns do now need semi-regular watering, in general, we still recommend you run the system manually when the grass looks dry for 24+ hours. If you are traveling out of town or are unable to monitor the lawn we suggest running no more than twice a week.

Allowing the grass to dry out regularly will help strengthen the grasses root system, control weeds and fungus as well as helping prevent sod worm damage.

Please keep in mind every lawn is different, a shaded lawn needs less water than a full sun lawn. Remember, all sprinkler zones are not created equal.

Before you reach for the sprinkler controls please note my three top watering tips below.

– Walk/monitor your lawn
– Test the sprinklers
– Customize your cycle

General guidelines are always available on our website at the link here, let us know if you have any questions.

Five ways to prevent brown patch this fall

With the glorious cooler temperatures of the last few days Brown Patch season is undeniably upon us. Most customers are familiar with the appearance of this pesky fungus, check out the pictures below if you’re not sure what to look for, also check out our blog post here for more detailed information. Here are my top five tips for preventing or controlling Brown Patch:

1. In general turn and keep your sprinklers off unless grass is looking visibly dry for 24 hrs+.
2. If sprinklers become necessary run them in the morning AFTER sun up, ideally around 9-10am. Not overnight or in the late afternoon.
3. Consider preventive fungicide, especially if you know you get brown patch each year, or it can be applied as a post-emergent to halt the spread of damage.
4. Resolve any low spots or drainage issues – wash out drain lines, add topsoil, adjust sprinklers as necessary.
5. Go organic. Long term resolution of recurring brown patch can be achieved by combining solutions listed in 4. with regular aeration and compost top dressing, applying compost, peat moss and sand to vulnerable areas, and avoiding chemical nitrogen found in most fertilizers.

Crazy Grass Lady’s Giveaway

We are pleased to announce the winner of our free Nematodes application is Robin E in Cypress
This month our giveaway is your next application free.
One entry per person but you can nominate a friend or relative within our catchment area. You don’t have to be a current customer to enter. To enter just reply “Application” to this Newsletter.
The prize will be drawn on the 30th September.

Yours sincerely