Happy Belated July 4th!
  We hope you have enjoyed celebrating your Independence from the British except for your lawns which are still under my control!
  • Doveweed is back with a vengeance, this aggressive weed can quickly take over a lawn and requires quick action to control. Please read this for what you need to know now. It is not something that can be controlled at just your regular treatment visit, additional intervention including corrective watering and mowing practices are essential. We know we warned you about this last month but we are seeing such a huge amount of this weed we need to warn you again.
  • Other than Doveweed, Chinch Bugs and Take All Root Rot continue to be our main concern during Summer. Please click here for a link to last months Newsletter to see what to look out for.
  • Spraying weeds in Summer often causes visible side effects, please see below regarding our Summer procedures and what to expect.




Although in last month’s Newsletter we said that sprinklers might be needed soon, because of the rain we have had they should still be off.
This will help strengthen the grasses root system, control weeds and fungus.
Please keep in mind every lawn is different, a shaded lawn needs less water than a full sun lawn. Remember: Every sprinkler zone is not created equal.Before you reach for the sprinkler controls please note my three top watering tips below.- Walk/monitor your lawn
– Test the sprinklers
– Customize your cycleGeneral guidelines are always available on our website at the link here, let us know if you have any questions.
                         7 Things You Need To Know About Weed Treatment In Summer.
  1.  Due to the risk of side effects in Summer we change our general policy regarding spraying weeds to treating all Doveweed and only spraying other weeds when we believe there is an imminent risk to the area of grass where they are located.
  2. Our technicians will continue to assess on a case-by-case basis at the time of service and may choose to spray more or less than suggested in the general guidelines above based on the health and history of the lawn and other pertinent factors.
  3. A day or more prior to your application you will receive an email that further explains this policy and offers you the opportunity to state your preference.
  4. Possible side effects can range from discoloration and growth stunting to patchiness in weak spots. In the worst cases it can cause grass to die off in affected areas.
  5. Most side effects grow out naturally within a few weeks
  6. In lawns with Take All Root Rot the side effects can be more problematic and long lasting. we normally take this into account before spraying,  it is possible for a lawn to have inactive Take All Root Rot which we have not yet diagnosed.
  7. It is almost always better to hand-pull weeds in any season whenever possible.

Examples of Side Effects From Weed Treatment


 Crazy Grass Lady’s Giveaway 


We are pleased to announce the winner of our free weed treatment is Catherine G in Spring
This month our giveaway is a free Fungus Prevention with your Fall Application.
One entry per person but you can nominate a friend or relative within our catchment area. You don’t have to be a current customer to enter. To enter just reply “Fungus” to this Newsletter.
The prize will be drawn on the 31st July.

Yours sincerely

Crazy Grass Lady 

Emails: Please note that although our email is checked every morning it is not monitored regularly throughout the day. For any communication about service being provided within the next 24-48 hours please send a text or call to ensure we receive it in time. The phone may not be answered at all times but messages are picked up regularly.  (713) 398 1464.
It is still best to email with all other inquiries

            As always, please continue to monitor your lawn and let us know if you have any concerns.
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