We have officially decided to start 2021 in February this year and left January in 2020 where it belongs!

  • Spring application will start in 2 weeks and continue into March, weed control is included, pre-emergent is available on request.
  • Winter weeds: we are getting a few call outs for weed control, the majority of weeds around at this time of year will die off as temperatures rise. Mow and bag clippings regularly and keep sprinklers off to try and control them.
  • It is not unusual this time of year to see the ghost of past damage, it generally appears as brown areas that don’t green or grow as fast as the rest of the lawn. Unless you are seeing yellowing or damage in completely new areas there is no cause for alarm, it will grow out a little later in Spring.
  • We are already booked into late Spring for additional services, if you think you may want aeration, topdressing, sod or plugs please let us know so we can add you to the schedule. There is no obligation and estimates will be provided.
  • We DO expect Sod Webworm to appear again later this year and strongly recommend applying Nematodes in Spring as our preventative. Reply “Nematodes” to this email for pricing and to be put on the schedule.
3 Tips to prepare your lawn for Spring.
  1. Mowing: Touch base with your lawn crew, make sure they are still on board with bagging clippings, minimal edging, 3″ cutting height, small push mowers only and I know how excited they all are to keep their blades sharp!
  2. Watering: Ready, set ….. Cup Test! Sprinklers should still be shut off indefinitely but take this opportunity to do a cup test and make any needed repairs or maintenance before it starts to warm up.
  3. Tree Care: Schedule annual tree trimming and deep root fertilization to keep canopies high and roots low. Have them cut any surface roots causing problems in the lawn.

Poa Annua and Chickweed two of the more prevalent Winter weeds we see at this time of year, both will die off when temperatures rise.

 Crazy Grass Lady’s Giveaway 
We are pleased to announce the winner of our free 5 visit treatment program in 2021 is  Nancy L in the Champions area.
This month our giveaway is free pre-emergent or preventive fungicide with the Spring application
One entry per person but you can nominate a friend or relative within our catchment area. You don’t have to be a current customer to enter. To enter just reply “2021” to this Newsletter.
The prize will be drawn on 15th February.

Yours sincerely

Crazy Grass Lady