Happy Easter everyone, we have tried to fertilize just enough for the weeds to get big enough to hide Easter Eggs in!  We are hoping that some are so well hidden that there will be some candy left for us.
The first application is complete and we have started Spring Aeration, Topdressing and Nematodes.
  • The second application will start in a few weeks but we continue to offer additional weed control upon request.
  • Most of the freeze damage has grown out now, any stubborn areas you have left are a good indication of areas that might need a little more TLC
  • We still have some openings for Summer topdressings and soil conditioning. Please let us know if you want to be added to the schedule. There is no obligation and estimates will be provided.
  • The freeze has significantly reduced the chance we will see Sod Webworm this year. We do still recommend Nematodes for the peace of mind and for their multiple other benefits including control of fleas, ticks and grubworms to name a few. April will be the last chance we get to apply Nematodes before it gets too hot so please let us know if you would like to be added to the schedule.
  • We are noticing more and more people watering their lawns and want to make sure your neighbors aren’t leading you astray with their errant sprinkler habits, sprinklers should still be off. Please read this if you want to know why (or don’t believe me!)
  • If you want an excuse to run your sprinklers we are now doubling our offer of last year to $10 of your application for every cup test performed. Please respond “cup test” for instructions.
We are delighted to announce that because of your timely payments in March we have been able to donate to Camp Hope and other local charities
 Crazy Grass Lady’s Giveaway 
We are pleased to announce the winner of our free Soil Conditioning is Nancy R  in Hunterwood Forest.
This month our giveaway is a free Aeration.
One entry per person but you can nominate a friend or relative within our catchment area. You don’t have to be a current customer to enter. To enter just reply “Aeration” to this Newsletter.
The prize will be drawn on the 30th April.

Yours sincerely

Crazy Grass Lady