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Take All Root Rot.

Last June I wrote this post about a growing crisis in Houston lawns. My fears were realized in a growing Take All Root Rot epidemic. If you are reading this then you either suspect your lawn has or might get  Take All Root Rot.   Let me explain a little bit more about what Take All Root Rot is, what it does and can do and our recommended treatment What Is It? Take All Root Rot is a fungus that exists in the soil that can cause the roots of your grass to literally rot away to [...]

Take All Root Rot.2021-04-26T16:54:06+06:00


Last weeks rain saw the return of one of the most destructive weed to lawns. We all know I can be a little bit excitable about grass and its various enemies but I don't think I exaggerate in warning you immediately of this weeds come back. Let me try to control my inner grass geek to give you the need to know on this lawn endangering weed. What Is Doveweed? Doveweed is a grassy looking, fast-spreading summer annual weed. It strongly resembles grass from a distance. It thrives in hot, humid conditions. It spreads by leaf [...]

DOVEWEED IS BACK!2019-08-13T00:13:54+06:00

Recommended Treatment Plan

Last year I put together a comprehensive recommended treatment plan for your lawns which you can read here. A lot of that plan would also be very beneficial this year, but the incessant rain over the last 6-7 months has weakened our grass and gives reason to hesitate before following a previous year's plan. I would encourage everyone to have an expert assess the current condition of their lawn before making big changes.  (If you are already a customer of Flaherty & Sons I will be making those assessments available for all upon request.) If [...]

Recommended Treatment Plan2019-08-13T00:11:43+06:00

Weeds 2019: What You Need To Know Now

Weeds have become an increasingly severe problem the last three years due to incessant rain, several bouts of flooding, and lawn crews walking problems and damage from one yard to the next, twenty yards a day, six days a week. People often say they appreciate my straight-talk, so let me be straight with you now: Gone are the days when I can apply something in Spring that will keep you largely weed free for the year. Gone are the days when a pre-emergent is all that is required for good weed control. Gone are the [...]

Weeds 2019: What You Need To Know Now2021-04-26T17:17:01+06:00

Mowing Practices 2019: What You Need To Know Now

Please see below for updated mowing do's and don'ts based on current conditions and weather forecasts for 2019: Mowing Do's Mowing height of St. Augustine grass should be 2 1/2" - 3" MINIMUM.  This minimum should apply EVERYWHERE - grass around curbs, driveways, patios, meter boxes, fire hydrants, lampposts, trees, tree roots, flower beds etc. should not be cut shorter or scalped with an edger. Blades should be kept sharp and clean (we recommend cleaning between every cut if at all possible. Unless you are on half an acre or more, residential-sized push mowers should [...]

Mowing Practices 2019: What You Need To Know Now2019-02-10T17:25:13+06:00

Watering Practices 2019: What You Need To Know Now

I feel like a broken record, and if I have spoken to you at all in the last two months I have probably said this to you already, but it is a necessary emphasis: Our ground has not been dry since July 2018 If you are wondering how bad that is for the grass, imagine how your feet might feel or look if you had been wearing wet shoes and socks for the last seven months... Not good. Never before has watering (or NOT watering!) been so important, or so far from our control. With [...]

Watering Practices 2019: What You Need To Know Now2019-02-10T17:20:23+06:00

How Your Lawn Crew Are Destroying Your Lawn (And What To Do About It)

More than Brown Patch and Chinch Bugs, compaction or even Sod Webworm, a bad Lawn Crew is the No. 1 cause of damage in Houston lawns and unfortunately, if you use a lawn crew, there is almost certainly some kind of damage in your yard right now due to them. Happy Grass :-)  Sad grass :-( This year's consistent heavy rains are compounding the problem. As week on week lawn crews cut on too-wet soil and stressed out roots, I am seeing much more weeds, ruts, browning, thinning and even grass [...]

How Your Lawn Crew Are Destroying Your Lawn (And What To Do About It)2018-07-09T14:45:28+06:00

Houston Grass Crisis: Your Lawn Is A Teenager (And What To Do About It)

There is a crisis brewing in Houston lawns that left unchecked, will cause widespread damage. After being in and out of hundreds of yards this year and spending hours talking with colleagues and fellow lawn care professionals, I have good reason to sound so dramatic! Let me explain how our recent extreme weather has brought our lawns to the brink of disaster and more importantly, what we can do to step back from the edge. Looping My concern began when I start to see widespread "looping" in St. Augustine grass. Looping is when the runners [...]

Houston Grass Crisis: Your Lawn Is A Teenager (And What To Do About It)2021-04-23T18:29:22+06:00

Our 8 Step Plan To A Beautiful Lawn In 2018 & Beyond

Towards the end of last year I was often asked what our plan was for 2018: How can we help prevent Sod Webworm? How can we help prevent Brown Patch? How can we even out the roller coaster of Houston lawn-growing so that the grass looks green all season long? I take lawn care personally and wanted to be able to provide better solutions, and preferably ones that didn't leave me feeling like I had chem-bombed the Greater Houston area. Taking the results from years of treatments, hours of online research, experiences and advice from [...]

Our 8 Step Plan To A Beautiful Lawn In 2018 & Beyond2018-01-28T21:15:59+06:00
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